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Partnership decides on first batch of co-funded projects

Nineteen projects are selected for funding in response to the Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership’s first co-funded call ‘The way forward: a thriving sustainable blue economy for a brighter future.’

Intervention Areas 2024

With the selection of the first projects, the Partnership family is extended and on track to deliver on our ambitious objectives,” says Margherita Cappelletto, the Partnership Coordinator at the Italian Ministry of Research and Universities.   

Collectively, the 19 selected projects address all the five Priority Areas of the call. Priority Area 3 “Climate-neutral, environmentally sustainable, and resource-efficient blue food and feed” had mobilised the strongest response, accounting for 12 of the 19 projects selected.  

Project partners come from 21 different countries, including EU Member States, Associated Countries, and third countries.  

The below list shows the acronym and title of the 19 projects selected for funding. For more information on priority area, consortium members, and project abstract please consult this detailed description

Project acronym Title
AQUABALANCE  Balancing economic, environmental, and social sustainability in the European aquaculture industry 
AquaUP  Aquafeed Upgraded: Enhancing Immune Function with Seaweed-modified Functional Compounds 
ARCFISH  Digital Twin of the Ocean for Arctic Fisheries 
Blue Bio Boost  Boosting seaweed farming through better utilization of genetic resources 
BlueBoost  Culture of a wide range of low trophic species to boost sustainable production of Blue Food and reduce environmental footprint 
BluEcho  From science to policy: assessing impacts and developing solutions for ship traffic and offshore wind farms through detailed soundmaps 
BLUEWAYSE  BLUE WAY to a Sustainable Europe 
CliN-BluFeed  A low CO2 smart autonomous multiplatform system to monitor and forecast Calanus finmarchicus stock - a new sustainable climate neutral blue fish feed 
DTO-Track  Digital Twin of the Ocean: Animal Tracking 
FAMOS  Sustainable, Reliable and Socially Acceptable Modular Floating IslAnds for Multi-use Offshore Spaces 
FOODIMAR  Sustainable climate-Friendly quality fOOD Ingredients from MArine side-stReams 
FunSea  Functional processing of cultivated seaweeds for novel food products 
INSPIRE Innovative design and operation for rare earth material reduction and optimized lifetime for next generation offshore wind-based hydrogen production 
MEDSEAPLAN  Data and Scenarios for a Sustainable Mediterranean Blue Economy 
RE-BLUE  Resource efficient blue food production from small underutilized pelagic fish species (RE-BLUE) 

Integral valorisation of seaweed biomass for the development of sustainable, high nutritional quality food products

SEAREFINERY Improved valorization of marine sources and processing waste for resource efficient blue food/feed and environmentally sustainable materials development 

Boosting the resilience of European shellfish production against climate change-related challenges through genetic selection 

WASTE2TASTE  From waste to taste: exploring innovative food applications of postharvest fish losses