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Additional activities

In addition to our core initiatives, we believe in the power of collaboration and engagement to create a lasting positive impact on our oceans and coastal communities. That's why we offer a range of additional activities that complement our mission and provide opportunities for individuals, organizations, and businesses to get involved.

Ocean literacy

The Partnership will add a complementary perspective to environmentally driven ocean literacy efforts by promoting the changes in behaviours and attitudes needed to enable the just and sustainable transformation of Europe’s blue economy. This can generate interest in Europe in sustainable maritime innovations, career options, investment opportunities, and generally the quest of reconciling economic development with marine ecological integrity. Industry actors will be targeted  to help embed the  corporate environmental responsibility needed to affect the transition. The thematic foci will be guided by the Intervention Areas and align with the EU4Ocean Coalition. 

The partnership will also offer webinars about ocean literacy and communication science, and provides an ocean literacy toolkit to enable partnership beneficiaries to improve public knowledge and appreciation about their work and the opportunities in the blue economy domain. 

The Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership Ocean Literacy Toolkit is intended both for its funded projects and for the stakeholder community at large. The Toolkit will support integrating and enhancing ocean literacy efforts in their activities to promote the behavioural changes needed to enable the just transition to a sustainable blue economy in Europe.   

The toolkit is a collection of resources, including links to informative reports, networking platforms and initiatives on ocean literacy at the regional (EU4Ocean) and international (UN Ocean Decade) levels.


UN Ocean Decade:


Exploitation and Impact Network

The aim of the network is to develop tools and actions to transfer new knowledge and increase impact of the co-funded R&I projects at local, national and European level, taking into consideration different target groups: policy makers, civil society and marine and maritime industry. 

Ultimately, the Exploitation and Impact Network will contribute to a better co-creation and knowledge transfer between research industry, policy makers, and citizens by:  

  • making impact pathways mandatory at the project level;  

  • developing Open Access strategy and addressing Intellectual Property Rights;  

  • increasing the impact on the target groups needs through capacity building of the applicants to the call;  

  • promoting innovative solutions and accelerate their market uptake;  

  • bridging science policy gaps to maximise impact. 

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